We have been in the tree business for over 40 years which stands testament to our uncompromising attitude towards workplace health and safety. You won’t stay in this business long if you cut corners, which is why we take the time to do the job right the first time. Our safety systems are externally audited to ensure that our clients receive the compliant AS/NZ 4801 standard that they deserve.

All of our staff are trained by industry professionals and continue their development through mentoring with experienced operators, ensuring you get what you are paying for. Our teams have a minimum of one qualified First Aider in every crew and we routinely rehearse emergency drills such as aerial rescue. Our trucks have First Aid Kits, Fire Extinguishers, Spill Kits, UHF 2 Way Radios, Flashing Amber Lights, MUTCD Compliant Signage and Witches Hats as standard.

Our crews have the best Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) available including cut proof kevlar chainsaw chaps, high visibility long sleeved shirts, long pants, steel capped boots, safety glasses, face shields, ear muffs and helmets. Our climbing equipment undergoes stringent testing to ensure that our workers remain safe and that any potential defects are identified and immediately rectified.

A daily pre-start inspection is performed on all equipment and a risk assessment completed before every job so that our clients have confidence in our ability to safely perform the required work. Our procedures are dynamic and undergo daily scrutiny ensuring an environment of continuous improvement. Don’t risk using a company that isn’t quality assured and allow us to deliver you confidence because at the end of the day the safety of our workers and clients is paramount.

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